Buy Loft Boards Online at Wickes

Wickes Loft BoardsIf you are looking to buy loft panels, you finally have a good option for them online and getting them delivered. Whilst most of the diy stores stock loft boards, none of them where actually offering home delivery. That is until now, you can finally buy loft panels on-line at

Wickes Loft Panels

Wickes Loft Panels

These loft panels have a number of great positive reviews from many previous buyers and as solution for boarding your loft, you cannot really go wrong with this product.

  • Wickes Loft Panels
    • Packs of 3 boards, with each board covering 0.39 square meters
    • Pack coverage of 1.17 square meters.
    • Each pack costs £7.99 – just £6.83 per square meter (m2).

Buy 5 for or more packs and the price drops to £6.39 per pack! (£5.46 per square meter)

The boards are ideal  for lofts and other parts of the home except in damp and humid areas such as bathrooms. The are tongued and grooved for ease of fit and have a Smooth finish.

To board a loft area 10m2, you will need at least 9 packs and that will cost you just £57.51 + delivery charge. Because this is a bulky purchase, the delivery charge varies based on your location, but you can check this on the website before buy. For most of the UK it is £20 on orders under £300 and Free on orders over £300, however there are parts where it is more expensive. The delivery is for next working day, so you’ll be able to get started in no time.

Buy Loft Panels at Wickes

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